•  "I brought our neighborhood's criminal and quality-of-life problems to Paul Krekorian's attention along with a solution that was recommended by both the LAPD and our neighborhood watch block captain.   Instead of implementing the recommendation, he  denied our request and advised us to start our own neighborhood watch chapter, which is both a ridiculous idea and a complete waste of time at best.  Needless to say, the problems in our neighborhood continue to happen and he has abandoned all efforts to correct these problems."  Valley Glen Resident,  Oct 2011

•    "I look forward to having you work with our community here in Sun Valley."   Response from Krekorian:  "I don't represent Sun Valley."      Sun Valley Resident

•  Concerned citizen calls in asking why Krekorian approved the demolition of an existing single-family home in North Hollywood, for the construction of a 28 spaces parking lot, which also was granted a zone change. Response:  none.     6.2016 

•  Concerned citizen calls in asking why Krekorian approved the demolition 4 existing 1947 occupied homes  to build 18 Small Lot Subdivisions + 39 private parking spaces.                                                                             Response:  none.     6.2016  

•   Concerned citizen calls in inquiring about private construction closing down public streets on Chandler, causing major traffic and disturbing the public's route Monday - Friday.  A  7 WEEK phone chase to Krekorian's office.                                                                                                                                                                                            Response from Krekorian's Field Deputy Angelina:  "There was no reason for me to call you back after our first conversation.   The developer is a constituent and we must consider his needs. "    6.2016 

•   Concerned citizen phones in regarding construction on the corner of Tujunga and Chandler and construction on the 3 corners of Lankershim and Chandler.    Shares their experience with getting to work late due to cement trucks, backed up traffic, excessive noise and safety.                                                                                                               Response from Krekorian's Field Deputy Angelina:  "We have no control over what developers are building and what time they conduct their operations.  Maybe you should leave for work a little earlier."          4.2016

•  Concerned citizen sends email regarding several tree removals.   Asks multiple questions as to who is evaluating the trees, why are they being approved for removal etc..                                                                                     Response from Krekorian's Field Deputy Courtney Hamilton:  "This Council office does not monitor every tree in our district."   3.2016

•   Concerned citizen sends email requesting QUIMBY fund information.  How we can have so much development taking place in our area and not have a single new park or recreation center as required by law.                 Response from Krekorian's Field Deputy Courtney Hamilton: "Hi I'm sorry, but I do not know the answer to that."  12.2015

•   Concerned citizen sends email requesting a meeting with several members of community and Councilmember Krekorian.                                                                                                                                                                  Response from Krekorian's Field Deputy Courtney Hamilton: "I cannot simply schedule meetings with the Councilman."  12.2015

•   Concerned citizen sends email requesting assistance with the preservation of cultural and historical rent-control buildings.                                                                                                                                                                 Response from Krekorian's Chief of Staff Areen Ibranossian:   "You're not going to stop the development."  12.2015

•    Concerned citizen sends email asking why so many proposed projects have had zone changes and amendments made to the plan.                                                                                                                                                Response from Krekorian's Director of Planning and Land Use Karo Torossian: "It could be a lot worse."     11.2015

"According to the nascent "No" side's campaign, city council member Paul Kerkorian, has come out against the initiative."

Krekorian opposes the only measure proposed that puts a stop to the over/illegal developments.

Krekorian has and continues, to demolish existing occupied affordable housing causing evictions and homelessness.

Council District 2 has THREE TIMES as many demo permits as any other district; not including all of the illegal demos.

Approves Small Lot Subdivisions, incompatible and oversized development of Mc Mansions, resulting in the demolition of historical, healthy well established trees and housing. The District Economic Report describes this as "off the historical pace for the District."

Krekorian has denied every appeal filed by the community where projects have proven to not comply with regulations.  Repeatedly approves zone changes to accommodate the singular needs of a developers project.

"Contact your City Councilmember - that's what he's there for"

2013, 2014, 2015 - Constituents request assistance and support with designating Historically significant properties.                                                                                                                                                                           NO RESPONSE FROM KREKORIAN - then actively opposes the request for designation.

2013 - Constituents offer video and photographic evidence of inappropriate conduct by city officials.                      NO RESPONSE FROM KREKORIAN:   "Our office doesn't get into semantics."

2015 - Citizens contact Krekorian's office regarding an illegal demolition taking place, exposing gas and asbestos to the public.                                                                                                                                                                         NO RESPONSE FROM KREKORIAN. 

2015 - Citizens contact Krekorian's office requesting assistance in establishing an HPOZ in the area.                    RESPONSE FROM KREKORIAN OFFICE:   "Stop trying, you are going to fail.  You guys are mad because you are losing."

2015 - Citizens nominate the area's oldest and last remaining Camphor trees for historical designation.               KREKORIAN actively opposes the request for designation, stating for the record his commitment to working with developers.

2016 - Citizens continue to fight for their homes, their neighborhoods and submit overwhelming amounts of evidence proving how projects fail to comply and cause more harm to the environment and to the public.             KREKORIAN actively opposes the public, the evidence and continues to go on record supporting each and every developer. 

Another 2 historical trees torn down for a McMansion on Kling St.    Apr 2016

Krekorian actively opposes Historical Designation for neighborhoods oldest and largest camphor trees.  May - Sep 2015


Krekorian actively opposes Historical Designation for the neighborhoods last remaining structures reflecting significant time periods of original development to the area. 


Krekorian makes more deals with developer Richard Weintraub who coincidentally makes contributions to Krekorian's campaign.

Krekorian actively opposes the appeal filed by several residents.   Krekorian supported the demolition of the historic Sportsmen's Lodge to make way for a 97,807 square foot shopping center on this corner of Coldwater Canyon and Ventura Blvd.  Krekorian also supports and agrees with the determination that this project will have NO IMPACT on traffic nor the environment.

Krekorian continues to ignore STACKS AND STACKS of evidence indicating the THOUSANDS OF VACANCIES in his district in all new construction.   

Krekorian supports Harvard-Westlake’s parking proposal, against the community, which results in avoidable permanent damage to a healthy existing canyon, wildlife, the environment and existing community. 

..."Since Krekorian took office at City Hall in 2010, FPK has accepted more than $13,000 in contributions from lobbyists and lobbying firms; individuals with jobs at lobbying firms; groups with ownership stakes in lobbying firms; and wives of registered lobbyists.   

Paul Krekorian has returned three donations following questions about the committee’s fundraising.                                                      The donations were returned March 10, one day after the Daily News first inquired about FPK’s fundraising.                               Krekorian spokesman Ian Thompson didn’t respond to a request for comment Monday."

Special interests pick up tab for Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian

..."Krekorian is turning to groups with a stake in City Hall decisions to help pay off personal loans and other campaign debt from an Assembly race he lost 15 years ago, state filings show...   

Over the last five years, Krekorian’s committee Friends of Paul Krekorian, has collected more than $80,000 in donations from lobbyists, unions, businesses, and other groups and individuals.     Those contributions have helped Krekorian recoup more than half of the $100,000 in personal loans he made over a four-year period to his campaign committee...

Krekorian chairs the city’s powerful Budget and Finance Committee, making him a desired ally of unions and lobbyists. 

FPK is a state committee, so it isn’t beholden to city laws that cap contributions.   

Krekorian is the only member with outstanding debts from an Assembly campaign committee.  Krekorian has declined to be interviewed."

"...I don't want trouble, but Krekorian is dividing the community.   It's a dirty business. They just want to take votes from the old ladies and confusing people. They are doing the wrong thing. I don't like that.  After the primary, Paul Krekorian got involved and because of him, we have these problems..."

"..Then, he became its most eloquent and articulate defender of its most preposterous policies that ignored the concerns of residents, policies that served the unions, developers, contractors and the corrupt political machine itself, rising day by day to positions of greater importance and influence..."

"Paul Krekorian is of Armenian heritage–the district he currently represents in the Assembly has the highest concentration of Armenians anywhere outside Armenia, and Council District 2 has the highest concentration of Armenians in the City of Los Angeles. Krekorian appears to have won via absentees.  Not because of the people he hired to confuse elderly Armenian immigrants into voting for him."    

"They just want to take votes from the old ladies and confusing people. They are doing the wrong thing. I don't like that.."